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Camp Gurmat 2019 Theme:

The theme for this year is 550 years with Guru Nanak Sahib.

Camp Gurmat 2018 Theme:

The theme for this year is Chhota Ghallughara. In March 1746, Mughal force launched a campaign to persecute Sikhs. Sikhs made every attempt to fight back and protect themselves, but the Mughal cavalry with cannons brutally killed about 7000 and captured about 3000 Sikhs. Captives were beheaded in batches outside of Delhi Gate, later named as Shahidganj. In spite of the mammoth Mughal attack, heavily outnumbered and under equipped Sikhs were persistent to fight back and find their way to Amritsar, bravely to convene as Sarbatt Khalsa in March 1747. Nonetheless to say, Be persistent and believe in GURU, everything will fall in place

Camp Gurmat 2017 Theme:

The theme for this year is Bhai Mani Singh. “Ardas” reminds us the nature of shaheedi (dismembered joint by joint) of this widely respected Sikh scholar and martyr. Bhai Mani Singh not only composed Ardas, but also acted as a scribe when Guru Gobind Singh Sahib dictated Sri Guru Granth Sahib. He prevented an attack on Sikhs planned by Mughals, by stopping them to gather in large numbers during Bandi Chhor Diwas at Harmandar Sahib. He not only saved many lives by stopping the gathering, but sacrificed himself refusing to give up his beliefs and accepted the sentence to death by dismemberment.

Camp Gurmat 2016 Theme:

The theme for the year 2016 was Bhai Taru Singh & Bibi Taro, a legendary brother and sister duo, who exemplified service and sacrifice. Bhai Taru Singh can help in restoring the pride in following Guru’s Rehit in the modern world where apostasy is on the rise among the Sikh youth and compromising attitude to Sikh Values & Ethos is highly prevalent. Our hope this year at Camp Gurmat is to dive deep into their life and circumstances that lead to their martyrdom and to inspire the campers to appreciate, lead Sikhi driven life.

Camp Gurmat 2015 Theme:

The theme for year 2015 is Mai Bhago. This 18th century Sikh warrior princess is a shining example of leadership. She is the sole survivor of the battle of Khidrana, i.e Battle of Muktsar.

Camp Gurmat 2014 Theme:

The theme for year 2014 is Baba Banda Singh Bahadar. This 18th century Sikh hero is a true inspiration! He is the first Sikh General to wage an offensive war against the cruel mughal rulers of India, thereby establishing the first Sikh State.      (469)795-1714   Visit Camp Gurmat Facebook Page

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